Coriolis mass flowmeter is developed according to the principle of coriolis mass flowmeter, it can directly measure parameters such as mass flow-rate, density and temperature. It has been widely used in Petrochemical, Natural gas, Chemical, Pipeline transportation industries and etc. Its function is for trade settlement and process control to ensure precision reflection, optimizing production, enhanced safety and maintenance cost save.


  • Measure the mass flow-rate directly, which is in the pipeline, so can’t affected by temperature, pressure and flow speed

  • High accuracy: generally grade 0.15, maximum grade 0.05, excellent repeatability.

  • Wide span ratio rang, up to 100:1.

  • Realize measuring for mass flow-rate, volume flow-rate, density and temperature.

  • The stable and reliable performance.

  • Besides general viscosity liquids, can also measure high viscosity and non-Newtonian liquids. Can measure not only the single phase flow but also the homogeneous multi-phase flow. 

  • Excellent corrosion resistance performance, able to measure various common corrosive fluids.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

    • Accuracy: Grade 0.15, Grade0.2, Grade0.5, Grade1.0
    • Repeatability:0.075%、0.1%、0.25%、0.5%
    • Density:±0.001g/cm3
    • Temperature: ±1℃
    • Ambient Temperature:-40℃~+55℃
    • Measuring medium:Gas,Liquid and Multi-phase flow
    • Housing material:304 stainless steel, ZL401(Transmitter)
    • Relative humidity:≤95%
    • Meter tube material:316L,Hastelloy