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  • Measurment of high, relatively constant flow rates of water upto 45'C.
  • Capstan Sensus HOT water meter suitable upto130'C.
  • Remote reading capability - Digital output with Electronic Counters.


Materials of construction

  • Body - Cast Iron.
  • Measuring Element - Plastic
  • Rotor - Plastic
  • Brass and stainless steel are also used.


Capstan Sensus Woltman meters: (50mm-600mm) Removable Mechanicsm, class 'B' - EE

    • Meters have EEC marking.
    • Hermetically sealed register (IP 68)
    • High over load capacity .
    • Symmetrical calibration adjustment ( DN 300 )
    • Rotor Hydrodynamically balanced ( DN 300 )
    • Removable measuring element .
    • Powder coating offers maximum corrosion resistance .
    • Register can be rotated through 360’
    • Not affected by external Magnetic fields.
    • ¼” connection port for pressure sensor .
    • Upto 3 pulsers( 1 X OD , 2 X RD ) may be fitted without breaking the approval seal.
    • Data Logger compatible meter can also be supplied.


    Capstan Sensus waters with Pulse Transmission Flow Rate Indicator-Cum-Totalizer & Remote Display Unit.

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a technology used to remotely collect consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water, gas, and electric meters. The data is typically collected using a wireless communication system, such as radio frequency (RF), power line communication (PLC), or cellular communication.

    The design of an AMR system typically consists of the following components:

    • Meters: The meters are equipped with a small device called a "transmitter" that sends the consumption data to a central location.

    • Communication network: The communication network, such as RF, PLC, or cellular, is used to transmit the data from the meters to a central location.

    • Data collection and management system: The data collection and management system is used to collect and store the data from the meters. It also provides tools for analyzing and reporting the data.

    • Remote access: The system allows remote access to the data, enabling the utility company to monitor and manage the consumption of their customers.

    The working principle of AMR system is based on the automatic transmission of data from the meters to a central location, without the need for a person to physically read the meter. The meters are equipped with a small device called a "transmitter" that sends the consumption data to a central location via a wireless communication network. The data is collected and stored in a central database, and can be analyzed and reported for monitoring and billing purposes.

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