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HYKO175 is Modular type clamp on Ultrasonic flow meter designed for easy mounting on the electrical panels and fully compatible with digital and analog communcation. Its working principale is based on transit time. When the ultrasonic beam propagates through the liquid, the flow of the liquid will cause a small change in the propagation time, and the change in propagation time is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid. At zero flow, the time required for the two sensors to transmit and receive sound waves is exactly the same (the only technique that can actually measure zero flow). When the liquid flows, the sound wave transmission time in the countercurrent direction is greater than the sound wave transmission time in the downstream direction.


It can be used for metallic, plastic and rubber tubes. Applications include Running Water, HAVC, Water Conservation, Metallurgy, Chemical Industry, Machinery, Energy.

Modular type Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter - HYKO130

    • Cable Length: 5M (Std)
    • Communications Protocol: RS485 Modbus RTU+4-20mA
    • Minimum Liquid Temperature: Standard -30°C to 90°C
    • Hi Temp Sensor -30°C to 160°C (Optional) 
    • Response Time:0~999 seconds, user configurable
    • Display Type: LCD with Backlight
    • Power Source: 220 VAC/24VDC
    • Media Type: Water, sea water, industrial sewage, acid & alkali liquid, alcohol,beer, all kinds of oils which can transmit ultrasonic single uniform liquid
    • Minimum Log Interval: User configurable
    • Repeatability: 0.20%
    • Accuracy Value: ±1% of reading at rates >0.2 mps
    • Enclosure Material: ABS 
    • Measurement Units: User configured—feet, gallons, ft3, mil-gal, meters, liters, mil ft3, m3, mil-liters, acre-feet, oil barrels (42 gallon), liquor barrels (32.5 gallons), lb, kg
    • IP Rating: IP 65
    • Installing the flow meter does not cause the pressure loss becaseu of NO obstacle in the measuring pipe. 
    • Ultrasonic flow meters is not affected by pressure or conductivity of liquid. 
    • Excellent long term stability because NO moving parts.
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