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Guided Wave Radar Level meter works on principle of time to travel distance. Radar run at the speed of light, the running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components. When the pulse reaches the surface of the material, the pulse is reflected back and is received by the receiving container inside the instrument, the distance the signal is converted to level signals.


Please consult with our technical team for more informaiton on your applications. 

Guided Wave Radar Level Meters

    • Application: All kinds of corrosive liquid
    • Measuring Range:up to 30m (Max)
    • Process Connection: Thread, Flange
    • Medium Temperature: -40℃ ~ 90℃
    • Process Pressure: -0.1~0.3 MPa
    • Accuracy: ± 5mm
    • Protection Grade: IP67
    • Frequency Range: 26GHz
    • Signal Output:4... 20mA/HART (Two-wire / Four) / RS485 Modbus RTU (Option)
    • Explosion-proof Grade: Exia ⅡC T6 Ga
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