HYKO-130-OCFM Open channel flow meter used to the measurement of flow within open, partially filled and free flow channels and the open channel flow meter must be used with the measuring weirs and is mainly used to measure sewage flow within the channel under an open, partially filled and free flow conditions.

Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    • Measuring Range:  Flow - 0.1 L/s to 120000 m3/s | Level – 0.35m to 3.00m
    • Accuracy (Flow) 1~5%, (Level) 0.3%FS
    • Dead band: 0.35m
    • Pressure: <3 bar
    • Power Supply: 24VDC/220VAC
    • Display: Displays instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, liquid level, echo waveforms and historical curves.
    • Output: Analog/Digital RS485
    • Temperature: -20 to 90DegC
    • Materials: Aluminium Alloy Body
    • Probe Materials:  ABS/PTFE
    • Protection Class: IP67
    • Industrial waste water
    • Municipal waste water
    • Rain water / Storm water
    • Raw water discharge