Smart differential pressure transmitter is instrument researched and developed by our company along with some internal companies under international advanced technology. The meter has temperature and non linearity compensation under micro processing technology, improved meter measurement accuracy and temperature feature,expnded range ration,added the function of intelligent configuration,further meet the reliable and stable requirement for industrial field.Keycomponent and parts areimported and strict test is done before delivery.The meter has advanced design principle,reliable product quality, variety,Simple installation and usage etc features.


When pressure or differential pressure is externally input, sensor’s resistance will change and be converted into frequency signals by digital signal, and then sent to microprocessor. The microprocessor will output a current control signal to current output control circuit after its calculation, turning into 4-20mA analog current output and displays finally.

Differential Pressure Transmitters

    • Process fluid: liquid,gas,vapor
    • Display: 4 digits programmable & 0-100% bargraph
    • Application: Differential pressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure
    • Measuring range: 0~0.125kPa~1.5kPa (minimum), 0~4.0kPa~25.0kPa (maximum)
    • Current output: 4-20mA / 2 wires / Hart Protocol
    • Power supply: 24VDC
    • Max pressure: 40MPa
    • Mounting: Bracket on 2” pipe
    • Electrical connections: 1/4”NPT (M20 Conduit threads)
    • Process connections: 1/4-18NPT, 1/2-14NPT(with adapter)
    • Dimension:102mm(W)*188mm(H)*130mm(D) Weight:5kg
    • Pressure Transmitter
    • Differential Pressure Transmitter
    • Liquid Level Transmitter
    • Flow Transmitter
    • & Many more...